Monday, November 27, 2017

students at Hardie, 2014, 1924

Class of 2018 (August 2014)
from Montserrat Facebook
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Hardie School, 1st to 6th grades
Sunday Herald, January 20, 1924

it is the marks left by these and others, in the building, that we are recording. honoring. fragments. building a sentence with those fragments. a new building.

Two thousand years have passed, my father used to tell me, and now every Jewish soul is built around the house that burned in that fire, so fast that we can, each one of us, only recall the tiniest fragment: a pattern on the wall, a knot in the wood of a door, a memory of how light fell across the floor. But if every Jewish memory were put together, every last holy fragment joined up again as one, the House would be built again, said Weisz, or rather a memory of the House so perfect that it would be, in essence, the original itself.
— Nicole Kraus, Great House (2010) : 279

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