Jade Ruscio

thesis proposal (untitled, currently)
15 May 2017

Upon coming to Montserrat being a transfer student, a lot was still new to me in the fine arts realm. I started my artistic career late in high school when realizing it was the path that I wanted to go down for my future, zoning in on graphic design specifically. I loved to work with detail and intricate design, it is what lead my interest in the field. When picking a major, after your sophomore year you become more and more enveloped in the subject that you have chosen, fulfilling all of your requirements. Coming to Montserrat later, knowing what I would like to focus on, I never found that I got many of the benefits of experimenting with fine arts during my time here, because of being a transfer and already being ahead with credits.

For Seminar, I would like to continue work on my faults in design, rather focusing on, mostly typography, and composition of pieces. I would like to undergo this process by working more with fine arts materials possibly even in the world of abstraction. I would like to do this while I am still capable of experimenting during my final time here. Mediums I plan to work with consist of collage, two-dimensional design, and typography, exploring the curves in letterforms as abstract objects and how they utilize space. I will use digital as well as hand-crafted methods. I have heard that two-dimensional design is a great thing to revisit later in your career, once you have received much more knowledge on your given subject. It gives you a better sense of composition and ties everything back into each other. I hope that this strengthens my typography skills, including my aesthetics for design and finding palettes that correlate to me as an artist. Moving forward, to prepare myself for this study, I plan to take the classes Collage and Obsession if possible; both will tie in well and give me boosts in inspiration.

As a designer, I would like to work with printing and branding when I am out in the field, still being open and universal to all bodies of work. However, that is where my interest lies. I believe that working with collage and two-dimensional design will connect well with broadening my capabilities to utilize space well, and make something catch the client's and viewer's eye.

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