Coral Azevedo

thesis proposal (untitled so far)
15 May 2017

I want to take something I do every single day in the background of my life and bring it to the forefront. I have been doing makeup since I was twelve years old, but never really thought about it as a form of art until fairly recently. I've found that this background activity I have been practicing every day for eight years has helped me in other areas of art like having a better understanding of the human face in drawing and use of color in design. Lately, I have been inspired by makeup artists and I admire them as real artists for their craft and creativity.

I want to combine makeup art, photography, drawing, and design to create a project that shows a wide skill set and range of interests. Essentially, I want to research the history of makeup and cosmetics of different cultures and nationalities and apply those ideas today. I want to gather a group of models and create looks for them that reflect their personal culture and family history in a way that is modern and wearable. I will be researching, drawing, using makeup as a medium of art, and photographing my work on the models.

I'd like for the end product to show all my work in a book that I will design that shows my research and findings, drawings, products used, and photos of the works. I also see some posters coming from this. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to dive into something that I love to do and create a project that will showcase what I am capable of as an artist and designer.

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