Coral Azevedo

Short project description

An exploration of how different people feel about makeup and how makeup makes them feel about themselves when a look is designed for them.

updated proposal (27 November 2017)

My project has evolved much from the initial ideas from actual makeup application and photography, working with models, etc.. One thing that was pretty heavily discussed in class was how and why I choose to look the way I do and design my look daily. Why do I make the decisions that I make every morning that lead me to choose products, shapes and colors? I outlined my flow of decision-making that will lead to designing different outcomes. Essentially, my project will be an app-based technology that will do this flow of decision-making for someone, using my knowledge and way of designing makeup looks. I am currently learning and using the new Adobe program XD to prototype/create an app. I will still be talking with people about makeup and using what I gather to help in the creation of the app.

updated proposal (7 October 2017)

After exploring the history of cosmetics and doing some preliminary drawings, my project has taken a different turn since my initial ideas. Rather than exploring models' cultural background and designing looks based on this as a kind of makeup art history, I want to make it more personal, which after discussing it with others seems like a more appropriate approach. Doing makeup is a very personal and intimate activity and can change the way people feel about themselves and change their outlook on their day based on how they look and feel. I think makeup is more powerful than some may think and I want to show this in my project. Makeup is as unique as people themselves and I think that a makeup look can reflect personality and confidence.

I want to push aside the mindset that makeup is a mask and disassociate from words like 'fake', 'dishonesty', and 'covering' because in reality, makeup isn't about any of those things. Makeup isn't for anyone else but the person who wears it. I think cosmetics can reflect on the exterior who a person is on the interior. Cosmetics are an enhancement or decoration of beauty already existing without it and is as much an art form as any other.

I want to gather a variety of people; those who wear makeup often or never, all genders, etc. and ask them some questions about their interaction with makeup and who they are. I really want to hear their stories too because I think everyone has a 'story' about makeup. I can create a look from this information and apply it, documenting the process (photos, video). I really want the focus to be the reactions, emotions, and how people feel about the process and themselves from before to the finished look.

thesis proposal (untitled so far)
15 May 2017

I want to take something I do every single day in the background of my life and bring it to the forefront. I have been doing makeup since I was twelve years old, but never really thought about it as a form of art until fairly recently. I've found that this background activity I have been practicing every day for eight years has helped me in other areas of art like having a better understanding of the human face in drawing and use of color in design. Lately, I have been inspired by makeup artists and I admire them as real artists for their craft and creativity.

I want to combine makeup art, photography, drawing, and design to create a project that shows a wide skill set and range of interests. Essentially, I want to research the history of makeup and cosmetics of different cultures and nationalities and apply those ideas today. I want to gather a group of models and create looks for them that reflect their personal culture and family history in a way that is modern and wearable. I will be researching, drawing, using makeup as a medium of art, and photographing my work on the models.

I'd like for the end product to show all my work in a book that I will design that shows my research and findings, drawings, products used, and photos of the works. I also see some posters coming from this. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to dive into something that I love to do and create a project that will showcase what I am capable of as an artist and designer.

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