Sunday, November 26, 2017

reviews this week

Monday 27 November
6:30   Morgan O'Connor
7:00   Coral Acevedo
7:30   Jeremy Rodas
8:00   Jade Ruscio

reviewers : John Colan, John McVey, Justin Gagne

Tuesday 28 November
6:30   Liam St. Laurent
7:00   Harrison Turner
7:30   Courtney Ryan
8:00   Gabrielle Burgess

reviewers : John Colan, John McVey, Chelsea Sams

Reviewers :
Most recent thesis statements via full names at upper right. Click on first names (second list) to see all posts by that student.

Seminarians :
Be sure your thesis proposal is current — accurately reflects your work as you understand it at this time — and that your project has a title.

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