Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Hand In Nature

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Studies and Body Parts

Here includes a few studies of current creatures, images of old Hellbat concepts that retain a lot of the current design, a small study of tardigrade anatomy, and documentation on six of the creature's respective tails, ears, eyes, appendages, and mouths.

Appendages pt.1

Appendages pt.2 and Creature Studies


Eyes and Tails

First Hellbat Concept

Most Recent Hellbat Concept

Tardigrade Study
Beginnings of "Rat King" Concept

Monday, September 18, 2017

alienation (short summary) & some sketch images

Using alien and outer space visuals to explore the theme of isolation, I'll be creating cohesive images linked by color palettes and geometric elements. This exploration will conclude in a series of designs for a brand, called 'alienation', and will be printed on to various surfaces such as posters, t-shirts, etc.

A few rough sketches below:

I'd like to create a more detailed rendition of the jacket image in the near future,

This was a small sketch in my sketchbook so I apologize for quality

I would like to explore the use of speech bubbles in more depth, as I tend to use them in many of my sketches

Banana transformation stages

                                    Stamping study with cut up banana pieces as transformed.

Rotting stages of banana 


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Alienation (updated thesis)

For my project, I will be working to design and create a brand, called alienation, focusing on extraterrestrial and outer-space themed work. I will be developing a series of images following this theme for use on products such as posters, T-shirts, stickers, stationary, etc. I will be using limited color palettes and geometric forms to establish a cohesive body of work. The imagery, as well as brand name, revolves around the exploration of personal feelings of isolation, or "alienation", in different aspects of my life. I plan to explore this through alien and space imagery because the subject matter is intriguing to me, and I also feel like the theme will be able to reach a broader audience, as many people have similar feelings at times in their own lives, and what better way to represent that common feeling than with designs literally "from another world"? My initial goal for this semester is to create a broad and diverse range of sketches upon which I can choose the best designs from later in the year to develop into final products. I plan to also explore color palettes and recurring elements I want to include in the designs at this time. I am also in the process of exploring if I want to have more symbolic or allegorical-type imagery, or more purely design-based work.

more reminders

thesis revisions and 140-character summaries
We need thesis proposals/statements that are current, reflect where you are now in terms of thinking, theme, the work itself.

We also need 140-character (tweet length) summaries, and titles for each project.

Nothing is written in stone; we just need the language to match current realities. Bring on Tuesday, or — better — e-mail ahead.

blog posts
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If you are posting a link, provide information about that link, and why you are pointing us to it. Why should we look at it? Why is it important to you? How does it relate to your work or your thinking?
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blog posts, p.s.
It is much, much easier to see sketches posted on the blog, from the large monitor, than it is to look at a piece of 8.5x11 paper on table or wall.

note-taking, a reminder

reminder, that we are taking notes on discussions of our colleagues' work, on a revolving basis from week to week. You are to e-mail those notes to the respective student (and to me), within 24 hours of the discussion. Ordinarily, this will be one record per week; on occasion, we might discuss a student's work on both days — where that happens, you will take and provide notes for both of those discussions.

The responsibilities for the seminar meetings to date (and for the next two weeks) are listed below. Names in red are those from whom notes have not been received.

September 5 and 7
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Coral : Gabrielle
Gabrielle : Morgan
Morgan : Jeremy
Jeremy : Jade
Jade : Courtney
Courtney : Liam
Liam : Harrison
Harrison : Coral

September 12 and 14
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Coral : Morgan
Gabrielle : Jeremy
Morgan : Jade
Jeremy : Courtney
Jade : Liam
Courtney : Harrison
Liam : Coral
Harrison : Gabrielle

September 19 and 21
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Coral : Jeremy
Gabrielle : Jade
Morgan : Courtney
Jeremy : Liam
Jade : Harrison
Courtney : Coral
Liam : Gabrielle
Harrison : Morgan

September 26 and 28
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Coral : Jade
Gabrielle : Courtney
Morgan : Liam
Jeremy : Harrison
Jade : Coral
Courtney : Gabrielle
Liam : Morgan
Harrison : Jeremy

Note-taking is one factor upon which grades are determined