Harrison Turner

Wandering in Sound
October 2017

For my project I am writing a series of music with plans of creating visuals to go along with the music. My work currently is still in the early phases of writing and figuring out new compositions with each passing day. I want to play around with a topic I have been researching lately which is synesthesia to show the colors that are found in music. I have ideas of making videos involving colors of the synesthesia chart, and possibly pairing that with abstracted animations to give a visual to the songs. Moving forward I want to create music that dabbles in experimental, classical, and electronic genres; as well as trying many forms of visual exploration.

Eyes, Color, Theory, & Abstraction
May 9, 2017

In my senior year at Montserrat I plan to delve into the study of eyes/optics, color theory, and abstractions. Through these studies I want to make a series of books and a website including medical research on the eye as well as creating work that reflects my own findings in abstraction and color systems. My love for color shines through in my design and photography, and my eye for abstraction shows in dry media, wet media, photo and 2 dimensional work. In doing so I feel that I am a mixed media artist, lately I have been dabbling more in photography finding many opportunities in abstraction. These things have been a part of my practice for a long time, and I am currently creating books that combine all of my interests that lead into my thesis concept.

Then in creating my book about medical research on the human eye, I will design it to be informational.

The way I will communicate color and abstraction is through photography, art, and photo manipulation. My first book I am working on is called Color which explores color systems, 2 dimensional examples, photo manipulated imagery, as well as photographic examples to show my work and vision through color theory for color and usage.

My other book will be about abstractions. This topic will be explored through means of photography, drawing, and painting. I want to create these books to exemplify my interests in hopes of educating the viewer about how and why we see, and the endless possibilities of color and abstraction in the world around us.

The world around me influences the way I see and create work, especially in nature. When I see objects and life around me, I am inspired by the way things are formed and colored; thus giving me ideas to create varied possibilities of imagery based off of my observations. I want the work I create to be a representation of myself and my intellect. I feel that this will be both a great educational experience for myself, and the viewer. I have always wondered why humanity has the senses we do, and now I am able to explore the concept of vision, and create work that displays my interests in art.

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