Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Love, pt. 2

This week I have explored more ideas of love by means of combing some of my pieces from last week into one video, as well as creating some newer content. I have been thinking a lot about what this word love means and why people say it to others. In my first video I included an audio clip from a voicemail I received last year with a friend saying "I love you" to me, and incorporated it with a song that is opposite in meaning to the words "I love you". My second video of the combined pieces from last week are purely based off from suggestions from last class to see how it would work. There is not an audio for this, and the videos that are combined are despair, regret, and wonder. 



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  1. audio scribbles series, 2015
    Visualization of audio: owco2 (re​:​interpretation)
    Drawing/Audio Length: 424 seconds
    Made with code / Processing

    worth investigating