Thursday, September 28, 2017

reviews (revised schedule)

Tuesday 10 October
6:30   Coral Azevedo
7:00   Harrison Turner
7:30   Jade Ruscio
8:00   Jeremy Rodas

reviewers : John Colan, John McVey, Chelsea Sams, Brian Savignano

Wednesday 11 October
6:30   Morgan O'Connor
7:00   Courtney Ryan
7:30   Liam St.Laurent
8:00   Gabrielle Burgess

reviewers : John Colan, Justin Gagne, John McVey, Sarah Trahan

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nature 2

Sensing Emotion

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

After reading the short handout from "The History of Love" I connected the question of what these fictional sensors could pick up and how the narrator was feeling things such as loss and nostalgia in different parts of their body. If sensors could read or feel specific emotions I think that would not only add to the underlying narrative that could be written into that power in the future, but be a good opportunity to research emotion and figure out how emotions work and what human responses come with the corresponding emotions.

Extra: Style Study and Clay Sketch

Photoshop - Pen Tool

Alexander Scriabin: Color chart

Alexander Scriabin was an avant garde musician from the late 1800's to the early 1900's who came up with a color system for musical notes. This chart I have posted above is his color chart to show what colors he assigned to which note. His color system is based on his own personal experience with synesthesia and mapped it out accordingly. We should be looking at this, because this is one perception color to music from an individual with synesthesia. To me this is a possible guide for when I create color visuals for my own written pieces; another piece of important research to my project. 

Here is an example of two chords being played. Thinking of ways to combine colors & seeing how they will overlap when played as chords.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I've neglected to post the last couple weeks so I figured I'd give a quick recap of what I've done up to this point. Initial experiments includes drawing my own faces to use, working with pastels and real makeup, and creating looks with quotes I found during my research of makeup history.

experimenting with face chart sketches

makeup looks designed with quotes in mind

My next step looks like I'll be highlighting the process and and taking a more personal approach to how makeup makes people feel (Thanks Court for the great input!), why they do it or don't, why/how people do it for different settings or occasions. I'm working on a face chart process with photos and I'm thinking of doing the same but actually on a person and seeing what I can find.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Company responsibility

Thinking about company responsibility.
Twitter estimates Donald Trump to be worth about 2 billion. While Twitter has allowed Trump to tweet about whatever he wants, even when breaking Twitter policy, they may become the first social platform used to declare war. "The North Korean government claimed the tweet was a 'clear declaration of war,' and a case could easily be made that it broke Twitter's rules prohibiting harassment and content that incites violence." Twitter has been struggling to crack down on harassment and inappropriate content with its rising 328 million users (active accounts).
Youtube has even more users, considering that you don't need an account to view the web content. Its recently come into light that many sexual predators have been using Youtube to recruit children under the guise of a Modeling Agency. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of harassing comments that people leave on videos. Others solicit illegal services, upload inappropriate content, and throw a bunch of internet trolls onto the list. It just makes me wonder if these companies are taking the best approach to monitoring its users, or if it comes down to an individual's moral obligation to not muck up the internet for kids. Or should kids not be allowed access these places, does it fall on the parents to be aware of these issues?

Exploration 1

Using iconic imagery in the form of text, I was thinking about common practices that people do. Sizing up a drink because it's however many cents more, watching people toss pennies away because they don't want to carry change, and then how Trump causes uproars on Twitter.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wall Damage

Another approach to looking at the way walls retain memories, this one is more literal. The wall was pushed in with my foot and stayed that way for a good portion of the year, of course I sent a report to facilities about the issues but it wasn't until the summer that the repairs were made.


2D comps

The focus of these compositions was to move me from a technical understanding of architecture to a more emotional one. To gain an understanding of what has been mention in and out of class about how buildings carry memories within them. Each image is a portion of my rooms showing all four walls and the space that's filled up in each one while the last on with the least amount of information is the ceiling to my room with damages caused by me playing with a wooden sword that was painted black and it leaving dents and black smudges across my ceiling.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Hand In Nature

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Studies and Body Parts

Here includes a few studies of current creatures, images of old Hellbat concepts that retain a lot of the current design, a small study of tardigrade anatomy, and documentation on six of the creature's respective tails, ears, eyes, appendages, and mouths.

Appendages pt.1

Appendages pt.2 and Creature Studies


Eyes and Tails

First Hellbat Concept

Most Recent Hellbat Concept

Tardigrade Study
Beginnings of "Rat King" Concept

Monday, September 18, 2017

alienation (short summary) & some sketch images

Using alien and outer space visuals to explore the theme of isolation, I'll be creating cohesive images linked by color palettes and geometric elements. This exploration will conclude in a series of designs for a brand, called 'alienation', and will be printed on to various surfaces such as posters, t-shirts, etc.

A few rough sketches below:

I'd like to create a more detailed rendition of the jacket image in the near future,

This was a small sketch in my sketchbook so I apologize for quality

I would like to explore the use of speech bubbles in more depth, as I tend to use them in many of my sketches

Banana transformation stages

                                    Stamping study with cut up banana pieces as transformed.

Rotting stages of banana