Thursday, November 30, 2017

GIF Experiments

I have created 3 GIFs that are exploratory in line art animation. I used two Gustav Klimt paintings as examples for this exploration, and I also used one of my own drawings. I also wrote some new music pieces to combine with the imagery that is contrasting in terms of mood. This is different from my previous film styled videos, and I feel that this could help lead into more opportunities for other visual content. I chose Gustav's work to play with, because he is one of my favorite artists; and when looking at his pieces I see varied stories in his work. Also this was a newer process for me to work in, so I feel that I gained a new understanding of how to create visuals without strictly relying on film. I can incorporate both in newer experiments. 

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

this is the full song

Here is another sketch I had as an idea for this one..a butterfly progression

The second Gustav GIF is Mother and Child

Gustav Klimt - Mother and Child

full song for mother and child

My last GIF is from one of my drawings

Like You Mean It

full song for like you mean it

1 comment:

  1. the lineart "like you mean it" is interesting direction, allows you to move (zoom) in and out, play with scale, even intersperse with other visual material…
    (e.g., moments of the other "pretty" color video elements...)
    the rhythm of the music also works well with the visual.