Wednesday, September 6, 2017

No Elysium

Right now the project is in a developmental phase. It will challenge viewers to see the current state of affairs in our world for what they are, not for how we think they are. For example, there is a predispositioned picture in our brain when we think of global warming but, is a polar bear on a shrinking iceberg really what that looks like? Is that really the extent of human impact, or is it more sinister than that? How deep do the consequences of us living here really sink, and is it too late for us to redeem ourselves? If you asked if humans deserved a chance of redemption, I would say that redemption isn't the goal but our only option. It's time to become aware now more than ever.


  1. interesting, to bring in an almost religious dimension — redemption.

    two things come immediately to mind.

    first is, about "awareness" and how to go about it.

    Stop treating science denial like a disease
    Daniel Sarewitz. The Guardian / Science. 21 August 2017
    which considers the question of "awareness" — how to think about it...


    about grieving. for what is lost (in terms of viability of the human species)...
    this post, and other posts by same individual, get at that —

    for some, we're beyond redemption... and so wait for the cataclysm... and then moving forward from that...

    and who are "us" — "we" — so many humans on the planet, in so many different circumstances.
    huge questions, you're touching.

    I want to hear more about people who are already feeling the brunt of the problems, that will be visiting us sooner than later...

  2. the Guardian article (on science denial) pertains to your other interest in "message," messaging...

    this too is relevant — and aligns with your "redemption" idea :
    Isabelle Stengers, her
    In Catastrophic Times: Resisting the Coming Barbarism
    available free as a pdf