Thursday, September 7, 2017

Forms of Nautre

I want to focus on the raw emotional attachment to nature that nature has both with itself and with everyone. I want to be empathetic towards the idea of mother nature as true beauty, hoping to invoke the viewer with joy. I want to commemorate and celebrate nature as it exists. I want to associate nature as a perfect state and try and associate that with words of inspiration. I believe in this organic unspoken joy based out of purity, removed of all toxins causing it pain. I want to focus on all things positive. The words integrity and self worth come into play when I think of what i want someone looking at my work to feel. I want to celebrate the rawness and reality of different places, and I do not want humanity to forget nature as being a real form of joy.

1 comment:

  1. think interventions
    things in the wrong place
    words in the wrong place
    flower in the wrong (right?) place

    bees in Manhattan —
    like this — "Atop a Manhattan Convention Center, a Harvest of Honey" — in yesterday's New York Times.

    what attitude, or receptivity, would you like to leave people with?
    what impact, on the world?