Monday, October 23, 2017

Three New Sketches

Based on what we talked about last week, I've honed in on the trans flag and have spent the weekend looking for references so that I can better represent a wide array of different gender expressions and body types. I also left these as simple line work this time since they seem to evoke a more interesting viewing experience.

I thought perhaps if I continue exploring this idea, maybe I could reach out to other students here at Montserrat that identify as transgender that may want to contribute to the project as models to base drawings off of to add a more inclusive element to this project as I'm working with this idea - perhaps I could also talk to them during this about alienation and if it's a feeling they've ever experienced due to the way they identify or present themselves, and then possibly incorporate that as a written element somewhere in my work, either as anonymous excerpts or possibly as quotes or "speech bubbles" that may be things they wish they had heard during those moments when they felt isolated, or things they have heard at some point that made them feel less alienated.

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