Thursday, October 19, 2017

Blueprints / vectorized scars

While working with the charcoal rubbings I decided to explore the idea that the scars on the walls could be implemented as layouts for the floor designs/plans that would turn the scaring into the walls, columns, and give this building a unique forms.

Scars used for blueprints

Vectorized imagery of the rubbings without the scaring, I leave these here because I think that there is use for them possibly exterior of a building but for now it's not really used in anything I've done so far.


  1. re : "blueprints"
    among all tagged metallurgy

    this (your) work has advanced, in part as you've kept it experimental and even poetic, avoided getting too literal about making a building (or model of one).

    these drawings are like maps of archaeological digs.
    where things have been rearranged perhaps, after a catastrophe (a flood). or fMRI of the building (its brain, as it dreams)...