Monday, December 4, 2017

A New Idea That's been There the Whole Time

I've been thinking a lot about the "conversation" aspect that my project has had an on and off relationship with. I was never 100% sold on any of my other ideas, but this one feels more like me and moving forward with it gets me excited. I have been doing makeup for people lately and a lot of conversation comes out of exploring someone else's collection of makeup and their relationship to their products and the story of each one. Laying out a collection and picking up someone's products innately starts a conversation about it and I find I do the same thing if someone else is looking through my own.

Here are some things I remember from the last couple of weeks of doing this:

"That mascara burns my eyes, but I still use it anyway"

"I wear this red lipstick so my boyfriend won't want to kiss me"

"I only use this eyebrow pencil; the other three I never use"

"I never use my Kylie lipsticks because they dry out my lips"

"All the eyeshadow I have is really bad"

"I have an Anastasia contour palette and I don't know how to use it please help me"

"I've had this one brush for 7 years, it was definitely worth the $36"

I guess the things that I remember about these conversations are the funnier parts.

I'd really like to document people's collections (photos, illustrations) and write about the conversations and stories that come up while interacting with them. (Assembled into a book? I had always wanted the end result to be one)

Makeup is becoming more and more collectible and women and men are amassing huge collections

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