Sunday, December 17, 2017

Thesis Update

Moving forward into next semester....

For moving forward in my project; I want to work with contemporary controversial discussions addressing the varied topics we all know and discuss everyday with visual solutions. In modern day living there are over 7.3 billion human beings whom all have different opinions and views on morals, topics, and decisions for people. Why is this? Why do people have opposing views? Simply not one singular person has a similar experience being brought up in this world due to many reasons such as location, status, the individual, and family. These differences give each individual person their own sense of life, experience, and opinions about specific issues that are discussed about constantly in the hands of the common person and those who are in positions of power. Not everyone will always have the same view on a topic at hand or will agree with the another person; even if it is a family member or a close friend.
The way I envision this working is by stating a middle ground position to address both sides of a topic. Through doing so I feel that this will help to spark conversation amongst people of all differences to allow both sides to be exposed to the reasoning behind the opinion that goes against their stance. Today we have topics such as public health, education, politics, sex & gender, and other worldly topics that all have more than one stance.
One of the portions to this project that I have been heavily thinking over is how can I create work that people can see in large scale. On of our largest platforms of communication is the web & social media. There is so much information for anyone to access through these platforms; and many spend countless hours of each day looking at youtube videos, or instagram posts about interests the individual has, or they have quick access to the news and other outlets that have controversial topics discussed out there through methods of video or eye catching imagery.

My end goal is that I want to make posters, short videos, and possibly a social media account that allows for me to utilize this project further into a larger scale for people to witness and experience so that there is a place for people to place an opinion, but to also see the other side of their said stance on any particular topic.

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