Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Using some script from my recordings I am looking for connections, disconnections, and God knows what else.

Sample of Scripts:

KITTY: Okay so the dream I remember is that I’m in this very stereotypical, like dark damp gross dungeon bars are all rusty and everything, I’m in like a, like a cell. And this big ass guy with a leather mask on comes in, like medieval style leather mask, And he...there’s a chopping block in the cell that im in he just like pushes me down onto the block and holds my head down and steps on my back, like, here And then he brings out this like giant axe like executioners axe And brings it down And then i woke up I don’t have a lot of nightmares.

JEREMY: I guess uh a dream that was recurring for me, uh, it’s very simple, wel it’s not simple, i- i- it’s I was rotting. It started with the teeth, which is always fun because you’re looking at your hands like what the fuck And um Hands to arms to body you know recognizing that you are falling apart In an instant I probably was doing something mundane because that’s usually how it is Usually I’m like casually in my house just sitting down and then like This one little thing happens and I just like pluck a tooth out This is happening Yeah I’ve had dreams like that That one happened more than once Yeah I remember waking up holding my teeth like, are you still here Its always a weird sensation of seeing yourself like deconstruct There’s no sound it’s happening You're dealing with it now Thats one reoccuring dream

HARRISON: In the beginning of my dream I wake up in my bedroom from when I was five and its pitch black. And I hear muffled screaming from down stairs . So I walk downstairs and as i walk downstairs this room is like this strange like purpley yellow color and i look into my living room and i see giant wolf like creature walking ever so slowly like towards me Like...just...erie movements..like slow, kind of glitching And I see my parents in the corner of the room just like shaking in fear and i was like No! I will destroy you demon and I kicked him...and that was the end of my dream. ----------Questions promted------------ HARRISON: I woke up scared because I thought I died because there was no resolution to the dream. Yes, the room felt really surreal like the colors melded into each other and just a really weird combination of colors

How do things become associated? How can we trust those associations? Like stars making constellations, sometimes things line up and connect to make a distinct picture and sometimes it just a random mess.

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