Sunday, December 17, 2017

Thesis Update

Moving forward into next semester....

For moving forward in my project; I want to work with contemporary controversial discussions addressing the varied topics we all know and discuss everyday with visual solutions. In modern day living there are over 7.3 billion human beings whom all have different opinions and views on morals, topics, and decisions for people. Why is this? Why do people have opposing views? Simply not one singular person has a similar experience being brought up in this world due to many reasons such as location, status, the individual, and family. These differences give each individual person their own sense of life, experience, and opinions about specific issues that are discussed about constantly in the hands of the common person and those who are in positions of power. Not everyone will always have the same view on a topic at hand or will agree with the another person; even if it is a family member or a close friend.
The way I envision this working is by stating a middle ground position to address both sides of a topic. Through doing so I feel that this will help to spark conversation amongst people of all differences to allow both sides to be exposed to the reasoning behind the opinion that goes against their stance. Today we have topics such as public health, education, politics, sex & gender, and other worldly topics that all have more than one stance.
One of the portions to this project that I have been heavily thinking over is how can I create work that people can see in large scale. On of our largest platforms of communication is the web & social media. There is so much information for anyone to access through these platforms; and many spend countless hours of each day looking at youtube videos, or instagram posts about interests the individual has, or they have quick access to the news and other outlets that have controversial topics discussed out there through methods of video or eye catching imagery.

My end goal is that I want to make posters, short videos, and possibly a social media account that allows for me to utilize this project further into a larger scale for people to witness and experience so that there is a place for people to place an opinion, but to also see the other side of their said stance on any particular topic.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Using some script from my recordings I am looking for connections, disconnections, and God knows what else.

Sample of Scripts:

KITTY: Okay so the dream I remember is that I’m in this very stereotypical, like dark damp gross dungeon bars are all rusty and everything, I’m in like a, like a cell. And this big ass guy with a leather mask on comes in, like medieval style leather mask, And he...there’s a chopping block in the cell that im in he just like pushes me down onto the block and holds my head down and steps on my back, like, here And then he brings out this like giant axe like executioners axe And brings it down And then i woke up I don’t have a lot of nightmares.

JEREMY: I guess uh a dream that was recurring for me, uh, it’s very simple, wel it’s not simple, i- i- it’s I was rotting. It started with the teeth, which is always fun because you’re looking at your hands like what the fuck And um Hands to arms to body you know recognizing that you are falling apart In an instant I probably was doing something mundane because that’s usually how it is Usually I’m like casually in my house just sitting down and then like This one little thing happens and I just like pluck a tooth out This is happening Yeah I’ve had dreams like that That one happened more than once Yeah I remember waking up holding my teeth like, are you still here Its always a weird sensation of seeing yourself like deconstruct There’s no sound it’s happening You're dealing with it now Thats one reoccuring dream

HARRISON: In the beginning of my dream I wake up in my bedroom from when I was five and its pitch black. And I hear muffled screaming from down stairs . So I walk downstairs and as i walk downstairs this room is like this strange like purpley yellow color and i look into my living room and i see giant wolf like creature walking ever so slowly like towards me Like...just...erie slow, kind of glitching And I see my parents in the corner of the room just like shaking in fear and i was like No! I will destroy you demon and I kicked him...and that was the end of my dream. ----------Questions promted------------ HARRISON: I woke up scared because I thought I died because there was no resolution to the dream. Yes, the room felt really surreal like the colors melded into each other and just a really weird combination of colors

How do things become associated? How can we trust those associations? Like stars making constellations, sometimes things line up and connect to make a distinct picture and sometimes it just a random mess.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thesis Update

Short Summary

A book of stories that come from the interaction with people and their makeup collections along with drawn and photographed visuals.

Full Description

Throughout experimenting with my project ideas about makeup, my favorite part was exploring other people's makeup collections and talking about them. Much interesting conversation comes from interacting with others' collections and I want to record my findings and assemble them into a book. I want to pair the stories with photographed and illustrated visuals.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

conjoined forms

A series of studies of overlapping forms,
separated from the patterns. 

Illustration sample

In my previous post I mentioned that I'd like to make some illustrations to go along the stories as visuals. Here's an example illustration I did of a few items of makeup.

Thesis Statement Revised

Thesis statement - Film, sound, design

Recently I have been filming and animating; experimenting in the realm of visual media. I've come to realize that my interests in this project is still a large work in progress, and my ending point is undecided. I am not sure what I want to create visually and conceptually for my project yet, but I am thinking about two potential options. 1. Creating visuals that are coded through means of processing. 2. focusing on a controversial topic(s) to create work generated from said idea. As for now I will still explore and experiment to see if anything sparks a newer idea.

Monday, December 4, 2017

A New Idea That's been There the Whole Time

I've been thinking a lot about the "conversation" aspect that my project has had an on and off relationship with. I was never 100% sold on any of my other ideas, but this one feels more like me and moving forward with it gets me excited. I have been doing makeup for people lately and a lot of conversation comes out of exploring someone else's collection of makeup and their relationship to their products and the story of each one. Laying out a collection and picking up someone's products innately starts a conversation about it and I find I do the same thing if someone else is looking through my own.

Here are some things I remember from the last couple of weeks of doing this:

"That mascara burns my eyes, but I still use it anyway"

"I wear this red lipstick so my boyfriend won't want to kiss me"

"I only use this eyebrow pencil; the other three I never use"

"I never use my Kylie lipsticks because they dry out my lips"

"All the eyeshadow I have is really bad"

"I have an Anastasia contour palette and I don't know how to use it please help me"

"I've had this one brush for 7 years, it was definitely worth the $36"

I guess the things that I remember about these conversations are the funnier parts.

I'd really like to document people's collections (photos, illustrations) and write about the conversations and stories that come up while interacting with them. (Assembled into a book? I had always wanted the end result to be one)

Makeup is becoming more and more collectible and women and men are amassing huge collections